Life-Saving Engineering

The APV engineering team devotes attention to understanding entire driver and passenger protection systems rather than just ‘designing a seat belt’. Why? Because this approach helps save lives.

A seat belt is only as good as the safety of an entire system, if one component fails, the safety of drivers and passengers is compromised. That’s why a solution is best achieved if all components work together.


APV uses advanced Computer-Aided Design (CAD), computer simulation, and visualization techniques as part of its engineering process to bring designs to life with photo-realistic images.

We create 3D printed versions of your designs and, where possible, CNC milled examples so that you can modify the shape and feel of your product. This enables us to conduct early design validation testing.

Freedom to Innovate and Differentiate

We don’t take control of your project, we partner with you. Innovative engineering comes through partnership and collaboration. We support you on the journey every step of the way, helping you to solve problems and giving you the freedom to create and differentiate following a carefully crafted product development process.


Our advanced engineering techniques provide you with added value through the support we can offer to your business thanks to our systems knowledge, advanced design and rapid prototyping methods.

This support helps you get to market quicker, enhance product performance and confidence, cut costs and avoid excessive warranty replacements and recalls.