As an OEM of seat belts, APV offers manufacturing systems and knowledge structured to comply with the aviation and defense industries, plus we have deep roots in the automotive manufacturing systems of Ford, General Motors (GM), and Toyota.

Our manufacturing system assures product conformance through the application of our Confirmation Of Production (COP) processes. Our COP processes include first off, in-production, and last off detail product measurement along with testing-to-destruction of product from each batch that we build.

Our advanced production line test equipment allows us to capture individual product performance information giving you peace of mind that our products will keep you safe.


We offer you complete flexibility and versatility, with the capability to augment your existing production processes or serve as your full-service manufacturing partner.

We understand your need to deliver a quality product on time, every time. That’s why our manufacturing systems are developed, improved and updated with your requirements in mind.

Using lean manufacturing for the configuration of production systems, we apply data-driven techniques to support the entire manufacturing cycle. We give you the power to create and innovate without limits, enabling you to future-proof your business.

Collaboration + Innovation = Differentiation

APV’s manufacturing team is all about collaborating with you to innovate quality safety solutions that differentiate you from the competition. Our design engineering and manufacturing teams work closely together enabling us to ‘design for manufacture’ or ‘manufacture to meet design’.

Production processes include 100% performance testing and a test to destruction program for every batch that we produce, which means that you can rely on every product that our manufacturing team creates for you.

Crafted with Care

APV delivers its ‘concept to production’ solutions using a carefully crafted process that we call the Business Product Development System (BPDS). This five-step process outlines the production and manufacturing development cycle in collaboration with you. This keeps your project on track and keeps you in control.

Progression through the process includes innovation and design using advanced technologies and techniques. Prototypes are quickly created and tested and at every stage, all stakeholders have the opportunity to review the project and approve progression to the next stage.

Where modifications are needed, each stage of the process allows for collaborative input in order to redefine and realign the project as needed. Here’s what our product development process looks like in practice.

APV Development Process

Stage 1: Initiation

We turn customer ideas into concepts to visualize the end product.

Stage 2: Prototype Development

We turn concepts into product design with failure mode analysis and samples for testing.

Stage 3: Product Development

The product design (prototype) is created into a production product (off tools) ready for certification testing.


Stage 4: Process Development

Products are taken through a production assembly process (Learn Manufacturing, Quality Control, Volume).

Stage 5: Product Manufacture

Finally, the product is certified and meets all requirements.